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27 August 2008 @ 07:04 pm
The seasons have changed and so have we.  
I'm afraid to fall for you, but I feel I already am.
I don't know if I should believe that you're so genuine as you seem, or if you're just faking it all away. (I get torn between the two.)
I hate it when you don't answer - it makes me feel like I'm nagging you.
The world seems to messed up - and that makes me depressed. I hate the fact that I'm standing by being completely idle and there's planes crashing and places being robbed every day.
I actually miss school.
I'm afraid my lungs will give out way too soon.
I'm physically weak - and, psychologically, even more so, I believe.
I have financial problems. And I truly agree now when someone says "Nothing destroys spirit like poverty." Not my spirit; my mom's (and possibly, my dad's). I'm beginning to hate her because of it.
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